Coach Mo Outlines Positives from Monday's Spring Camp Practice

Mark Lindsay,
Pirate Illustrated
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East Carolina entered their final week of spring camp with fresh legs after moving last Wednesday’s workout to Monday. We caught up with head coach Scottie Montgomery to see how practice went.

“It was a great start to the final week. You can tell that we had a few days off. There was a lot more energy than there would have been if we had gone on (last) Wednesday just because their legs were back,” Montgomery told

Montgomery was complementary of both his defense and the guys on offense after a hard hitting practice in preparation for Saturday’s spring game.

“I thought our defense flew around. Offensively you could tell Gardner did some really good things to put our offense in the best absolute play that we could be in.”

When asked who is standing out on each side of the ball right now, the second year ECU head coach chimed in with one on offense who has been a leader this entire camp and looks to be the heir apparent as the lead dog on the Pirate receiving corp.

“Two outstanding performances today would probably be Jimmy Williams who made some tremendous plays. Justin Brown made some plays on the defensive line”

“51 (Aaron Ramseur) made another spectacular play. He flashed again and had a pick for a touchdown. Aaron is just doing some things that we’ve got to make sure we can teach him every part of the game so that he doesn’t make a big play and then make a huge mistake. He’s coming on,” Coach Mo said, “Ray (Tillman) and Jordan (Williams) are doing a good job of trying to teach him and coach him, so it’s good to have some experience with him.”

In the secondary, Tim Irvin was out with an injured forearm but Scottie is aome standout play from a couple of other guys.

“We’ve kind of seen a little bit of a come up from defensive back (Marcus) Holton. He’s done a good job for us but we’re also experimenting with another body that I’d like to hold on just a little bit.”

Montgomery talked about the overall health of his team with just two more practices before the spring game on Saturday.

“At the end of spring we’re probably we’re probably B, B+ in health. You’ve like to be able to say A+ in health but that would mean that everybody is out there,” said Montgomery, “We’re missing five or six guys that we could really use on the field right now, but in the spring with how physical it is, it’s more hitting than you do at any other time of the year. I’m pretty impressed with the way our guys have held up.”


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