Coach K rips UVA for allowing fans to rush court

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Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski was dejected after the third-ranked Blue Devils struggled to score in a 73-68 loss at Virginia.
He was enraged after the final buzzer, when fans stormed the court and he was very vocal in his opinion that the losing team should first be given a chance to clear the floor before the celebratory mosh pit ensues.
"Look do you know how close you are to, just put yourself in the position of one of our players or coaches," Krzyzewski said after the game. "I'm not saying any fan did this, but the potential is there all the time for a fan to just go up to you and say, ‘Coach you're a," or push you or hit you. And what do you do? What if you did something? That would be the story. We deserve that type of protection.
"I'm always concerned about stuff like that, especially at this time of the year. What if that happened and we get a kid suspended? That becomes the national story. It's not all fun and games when people are rushing the court, especially for the team that lost. Again, congratulations to them, and they should have fun and burn benches and do all that stuff. I'm all for that. They have a great school, great kids, but get us off the court. That's the bottom line."
Duke was in a very similar situation Jan. 13 after losing 84-76 at North Carolina State and Feb. 16 at Maryland. The Terrapins won that night 83-81. After that loss, Krzyzewski was more upset in his postgame press conference that Maryland was going to the Big Ten.
"If it was such a rivalry, they'd still be in the ACC. Obviously, they don't think it's that important, or they wouldn't be (going to) the Big Ten," he said.