The Click Clack Trainer, The Ultimate Portable Fitness System, is Launched


The Click Clack Trainer is a Revolutionary New Workout System that is Easy to Use and Ideal for Frequent Travelers

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 8, 2016 / Oliver Parker, a fitness coach and innovative fitness concepts creator, is pleased to announce the launch of the Click Clack Trainer, The Ultimate Portable Fitness System.

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As a spokesperson for the Click Clack Trainer noted, frequent travelers often find that their fitness becomes lower and lower on their priority list.

"It can be hard to remember to squeeze exercise in, especially if there are no gyms or facilities close by that allow you to train as you would at home," the spokesperson said.

"Now, Click Clack Trainer will be the go-to fitness system for travelers. It will allow you to get your resistance training in whether at a hotel, camping, or anywhere you happen to be."

One of the best things about the Click Clack Trainer is its portability. The small system fits into a small bag and is lightweight, meaning people will have an entire gym that fits into their suitcase.

The Click Clack Trainer instantly attaches to smooth surfaces with a unique suction cup mount. Warning technology will let users know whether the Click Clack Trainer is safely secured so they don't risk injuries due to loss of suction. When camping, it can safely attach to the side of a car without risking damage. It can also be attached to windows and used indoors or out.

The Click Clack Trainer uses elastic bands for low impact training and additional bands can be added on for increased resistance. The system provides a total body workout.

"You'll enjoy a multitude of exercises that strengthen your arms, legs, core, shoulders, and back. Even when you return from travels, you can enjoy this fitness tool at home and keep reaping the benefits of resistance training."

Recently, Parker and his team launched a fundraiser on Kickstarter. There, they hope to raise $37,982 through crowdfunding. Currently, the Click Clack Trainer is available exclusively through Kickstarter; backers will be able to pre-order the system and enjoy special pricing.

"Whether at home or away, your fitness will never have to suffer again," the spokesperson said.

About the Click Clack Trainer, The Ultimate Portable Fitness System:

The Click Clack Trainer is a revolutionary workout system designed for a low-impact, total body workout in a compact, lightweight and portable package for all. For more information, please visit


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