Cleveland can't spell, doesn't care

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That’s not how you spell ‘Dawg Pound’
That’s not how you spell ‘Dawg Pound’

Normally, we’d have all kinds of fun with poor, pathetic Cleveland fans and this misbegotten attempt to spell DAWG POUND (via Twitter user @numberfire). But these are strange days in Cleveland, days tinged with the unfamiliar scent of victory and triumph.

The Cavaliers are NBA champions, the Indians may be only hours from being World Series champions, and the Browns … well, the Browns are giving lots of quarterbacks a chance to live out their NFL dreams after falling to 0-8. So what’s a GPODAWUND or two between friends?

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Seriously, this is a perfect scenario for the winless Browns. With the goodwill engendered by the Cavaliers and the anticipation of the Indians, the Browns could throw interceptions on every single possession and nobody in Cleveland would care one bit. That’s the kind of latitude you get when you introduce victory to a city that’s known nothing but loss.

GPODAWUND, indeed.

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