Chronicles of Stanley: Zatkoff takes Cup down waterslide

The Chronicles of Stanley is an occasional series this summer that tracks the Pittsburgh Penguins as they each get their special alone time with the Stanley Cup.

via @PensHockeyQueen
via @PensHockeyQueen

As the days tick by to October, we get to revel in the celebration of the current Stanley Cup champions as they get their day with the Lord Stanley’s chalice.

Goaltender Jeff Zatkoff made a splash by taking the Cup to a water park in North Carolina.

Courtesy of @PensHockeyQueen, watch as Zatkoff slowly yet surely takes the trophy down a water slide.

Lucky for Phil Pritchard, Keeper of the Cup, Zatkoff and company appear to keep the trophy out of the germ infested waters that is the public pool of a water slide.

But then again, maybe they didn’t and it caused some sort of mutant virus…

Check out this picture from Zatkoff and friends at the golf course. The Cup winner hoists the Cup over his head and reveals some sort of strange growths beneath his polo.

Unless he has some really, really pointy ribs, our guess is that he’s (allegedly) sneaking some beverages on to the golf course.

Our beverage hypothesis is further proved up as Zatkoff takes the Cup to the local Bojangles restaurant sans protrusions in his shirt.

Zatkoff signed a free agent contract with the Los Angeles Kings this offseason. His former Miami University (Ohio) teammate and soon-to-be LA teammate Alec Martinez also joined in on the celebration with the goaltender.

Martinez knows a thing or two about celebrating with the Stanley Cup. The two-time winner hung out with Zatkoff when he had his time with Lord Stanley.

(Zatkoff posted this picture on Twitter and then deleted it. Luckily Pintrest never forgets.) Turns out he wasn’t cursed by touching the chalice before having won it himself.

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