Chris Collins' sarcastic reactions while the NCAA admitted a missed call are pure gold (Video)

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Northwestern was on the wrong end of the most egregious missed call of the 2017 NCAA tournament so far Saturday when Gonzaga’s Zach Collins reached his hand through the rim to block a dunk. No goaltending was called. Northwestern coach Chris Collins went bananas. The refs hit him with a technical foul.

The call didn’t cost Northwestern the game on its own, but it helped stifle a Wildcats comeback.

Thirty minutes later, at his postgame news conference, Chris Collins still hadn’t calmed down. So it was wonderful timing when an NCAA official, at the opening of the news conference, read a statement from the NCAA admitting the refs’ mistake. Collins’ reaction was absolute gold:

“The officials missed a rules violation…

“… when a Gonzaga defender put his arm through the rim to…

“… block a shot …

“… Rule 9, section 15 …

“… of the NCAA men’s basketball rulebook …

“… covers basket interference and goaltending.”

“Wow,” Collins said on multiple occasions, feigning surprise.

Incredible. This isn’t the first time Collins has taken indirect shots at refs in his postgame news conference, but this is his best reaction yet.

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