Chipper Jones doubts Greg Maddux will be unanimous Hall pick because of ‘some dumb (bleep)’

David Brown
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With more than 25 percent of the vote made public, and counted by The Baseball Think Factory as of Monday night, right-hander Greg Maddux remains the perfect Hall of Fame candidate. He has received a "yes" on 100 percent of the 146 known ballots for Cooperstown. As The Stew has mentioned previously, nobody has ever gotten into the Hall with 100 percent of the vote before. Tom Seaver came closest, with 98 percent and change, in 1992.

Greg Maddux was as least as good as Tom Seaver, right? He actually was better. But that doesn't mean he'll get 100, or even 99 percent of the vote.

Because, as former Maddux teammate Chipper Jones noted in the above tweet by Dave O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the collective electorate has never wanted a unanimous pick. While Chipper's name-calling isn't very nice, he's right that it's a "dumb" way to operate.

It's just possible, though, that nobody voting this season — especially after the HOF shutout the Baseball Writers Association of the Americas pitched in 2013 — will want want to be outed as the person who didn't vote for Maddux just so he wasn't unanimous.

There's a lot of light being shined on this election. We would find out. The voter would be embarrassed and shamed. It might be fun for everyone else, after the fact. Cathartic, at least.

Hopefully, common sense takes over and Maddux gets every vote, as he deserves. As others have deserved before. Because, as a famous Helmet once said, kind of, any other way is dumb.

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