Would Chip Kelly be crazy heading back to college?

Steve Rivera
Chip Kelly head coach, San Francisco 49ers
Chip Kelly head coach, San Francisco 49ers

As the 49ers season began to list, as the quarterback situation looks to maybe bring more gray clouds than silver linings, the Chip Kelly back to college talk has picked up steam.

Pick a school; USC, Texas, LSU, Notre Dame (insert your school here). Any number of openings now or after the New Year, and expect Chip’s name to be associated with it, because this is the state of NFL football in San Francisco-cloudy and uncertain.

I’ll be the first to say, when I first heard such chatter, I discounted it. But it gets harder as the dysfunction within the 49ers begins to crank up. What is most discouraging, is the idea that a complete and total reset might also signal the end of the Chip Kelly experiment in the National Football League. A demise predicted with each loss this team may encounter.


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And let’s face facts, more losses will come. Let’s also not forget recent history, (see Jim Harbaugh, and he won).

As I’ve said, being a Pac-12 guy I have seen how good Kelly can be. Under the right circumstances, I Actually believe he can work in the NFL. Unfortunately, I seem to be in the minority with that stream of thought.

So, with the season nearing the midway point, and the inevitable of another tough 49ers season, what we see now might be for only a brief time. And after a less than positive experience in both Philadelphia, where he won, and now in San Francisco where the future grows uncertain if not unstable, Chip heading to Saturday afternoons doesn’t seem so remote after all.

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