Chiefs could be forced to release Green

Jason Cole
Yahoo! Sports

If a trade of quarterback Trent Green from the Kansas City Chiefs to the Miami Dolphins isn't done by this weekend, the Chiefs might not get anything for Green, the quarterback's agent Jim Steiner said Wednesday.

"If it goes past draft day, then I think eventually the Chiefs will be in a position where they have to release Trent Green," Steiner said. While that has been speculated in the media for weeks, Steiner's words amount to a threat to Kansas City president Carl Peterson.

Peterson said last month he expected to get a deal done by the draft. However, Peterson has been demanding a second-round pick and more in return for Green from the Dolphins.

That's far too much for the Dolphins, who have offered nothing higher than a sixth-round pick for Green. Green was given permission in March to seek a trade from the Chiefs after being told that he would have to compete with Brodie Croyle for the starting job this year.

Green was also told he would have to take a pay cut from his $7.2 million base salary. That contract has essentially given Green the leverage against Kansas City because he will also have to work out a new contract with a team acquiring him.

Steiner said last month that he and the Dolphins have worked out the parameters of a new contract if a trade is completed.

The Chiefs have also received interest from the Cleveland Browns about trading for Green, but Green does not want to play for Cleveland. His preference is to be reunited with Dolphins coach Cam Cameron, who coached Green for two years with the Washington Redskins in the mid-1990s.

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