Chicago Bankruptcy & Foreclosure Attorney Launches Debt Relief Legal Services


Chicago bankruptcy and foreclosure attorney Gregory K. Stern, P.C., announced the launch of its Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and foreclosure legal services. The firm helps individuals protect assets and restructure debt through effective debt relief legal services in Chicago while offering alternatives to the process

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / December 20, 2016 / The Chicago bankruptcy attorneys at the law office of Gregory K. Stern, P.C., announced the launch of its bankruptcy and foreclosure services in the city. The firm specializes in legal advice for bankruptcy and foreclosure legal services.

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Bankruptcy remains one of the last legal recourse available individuals who are unable to repay their loans to their creditors. In the United States, more than 900,000 individuals and businesses file for bankruptcy to restructure existing debt or discharge that debt by the sale of applicable assets. Industry analyses indicate that unbearable medical expenses are the leading cause of bankruptcy, while IRS actions, civil lawsuits, auto repossessions, and mortgage default are also major reasons for bankruptcy.

With more than a century of collective debt relief counseling experience, the law office of Gregory K. Stern, P.C., offers its legal expertise in Chicago. The firm offers comprehensive legal expertise and services to individuals filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The firm offers its services to businesses that are reorganizing debt through Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

For individual filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, sound legal advice and the effective administration of qualifying requirements is crucial to the protection of assets covered by exemptions. The law office of Gregory K. Stern, P.C., works with a client to ensure the proper implementation of all exemptions permitted by the law. In the case of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the firm helps working individuals pay off their debt through a repayment plan.

According to a spokesperson for Gregory K. Stern, P.C., "Our commitment is to help the people of our great city eliminate or restructure their debt through bankruptcy while protecting their assets. Bankruptcy laws are specifically designed to help individuals who face financial difficulties. We provide compassionate, humane, and pragmatic legal advice for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and Chapter 11 bankruptcy to help our clients successfully navigate through the process."

The Chicago bankruptcy attorneys at the law office of Gregory K. Stern, P.C. specializes in legal advice for individuals and businesses affected by foreclosure and bankruptcy, offering debt relief legal services in Chicago. The firm's award-winning team of attorneys helps individuals from diverse backgrounds discharge or restructure their debt.

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