Chase schedule isn't changing

Don't expect the Chase schedule to change anytime soon.

When asked Friday at Watkins Glen about the possibility of a road course being included in the Chase, NASCAR president Mike Helton said that while he wouldn't completely rule out the idea, it's not on NASCAR's radar.

"There's nothing on the table today," Helton said. "We wouldn't stack races up in the Chase for the benefit of the Chase. The Chase is the last 10 races of the season. But as the evolution of changes go on, who knows what could end up as the last 10 races."

Sitting next to Helton, Jeff Gordon made his opinion known that he'd like to see a road course in the Chase.

"I've always said in order to make the championship fully complete and find out the true best team and driver, the only thing that we're missing in the Chase right now is a road course," Jeff Gordon said. "I think it has everything right now – short tracks, super speedways, intermediates. If you want to look at the one little thing it's missing, it's a road course."

Helton explained that when NASCAR came up with the Chase format, it had no intention of establishing a new 10-race schedule. Rather, NASCAR simply took the schedule as it was and made the last 10 races the Chase schedule. He added that he doesn't anticipate that changing.

"I've learned over time to never not imagine the possibility of something,” he explained. “But as we sit here today, we maintain the thought process that when we introduced the Chase, that we were not going to shuffle tracks around to adapt to the Chase. The Chase was the last 10 races."

When asked if NASCAR is considering adding a road course to its overall schedule, Helton replied: "If I had a crystal ball that good, I wouldn't work weekends as much as I do. What I have learned is, you just don't know what the next corner is going to look at when you round it."