Chase Headley: Making Progress Staff

Update: Headley underwent three separate tests on his fractured left thumb Monday, all of which showed that he's progressing through the injury, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. "I have been given the go-ahead to do as much or as little as I can based on the pain and there is no pain," he said. "I'm going to ramp it up in intensity this week."

Recommendation: An X-ray displayed that Headley's break is healing properly, while "stress and strain" tests were apparently passed with ease. Ahead of Tuesday's home opener, he was able to swing the bat for the first time since suffering the injury, hitting off a tee and via soft tosses. Later, he fielded grounders at third base with a glove on his injured thumb, after which he made typical throws to first. He is clearly progressing through the ailment and appears as if he'll make his return before April concludes.