CFL fan storms onto field in a wheelchair

Ian Denomme
Yahoo! Sports

The opening of a new stadium naturally brings some firsts with it. The B.C. Lions, however, had one unexpected first during their home opener.

A sellout crowd of 27,528 opened Empire Field in Vancouver on Saturday. It is the team’s temporary home while B.C. Place Stadium undergoes a $458-million construction project.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders spoiled the party with a convincing 37-18 win, giving the Lions their first loss in the new stadium.

In the fourth quarter, another first. Perhaps even a first in any sport. With about three minutes to go a fan came out of the stands and stormed the field – in a wheelchair.

From Yahoo! Sports blog Shutdown Corner and Orland Kurtenblog comes the video:

Fans on the scene said the motorized trespasser made it a third of the way across the field before being caught and received a standing ovation from the delighted crowd.

Some fans that run out onto the field are deterred from doing it again by the harsh treatment they receive. Given this fans popularity, and the looks from he got from the cheerleaders, he may just be encouraged to do it again.

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