Carmelo Anthony wore fur to keep warm, but the internet remains very, very cold

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Carmelo Anthony was ice cold in the first half of Monday’s meeting with the Indiana Pacers, missing six of his seven shots and scoring just two points in 18 minutes of floor time as the New York Knicks headed into intermission trailing by 10. But the All-Star forward got hot in the second half, scoring 20 points on 7-for-10 shooting — including 15 in the fourth quarter alone — to lead the Knicks back from 13 points down to earn an 87-81 win.

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And, evidently, once ‘Melo warmed up, he wasn’t interested in cooling down.

Carmelo Anthony stays toasty. (Screencap via @cjzero)
Carmelo Anthony stays toasty. (Screencap via @cjzero)

And, as we’ve seen many times before, Carmelo’s choice of post-game attire raised plenty of eyebrows, and evoked plenty of comparisons, on the internet:

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To be fair, the man had just carried his team to an all-too-rare win on a day that saw seven inches of snow (and plenty more sleet) fall on New York City. No, it wasn’t exactly a championship victory, but with the weather so gross and temperatures falling into the low 20s in Manhattan on Tuesday night, why not go for the Broadway Joe look with a hat to match?

“That’s Melo,” said Pacers star and 2016 Olympic teammate Paul George of Anthony’s fourth-quarter explosion, according to The Associated Press. “Melo gets hot any point in the game. Unfortunately, tonight he got hot late.”

And he was determined to stay that way. No matter what we “glazed donut face asses” on Twitter have to say about it.

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