Capitals fan goes Donald Trump on Sidney Crosby (Photo)

One of the grand traditions of the Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Washington Capitals rivalry in the last decade are the relentless (and creative) assaults on Sidney Crosby by Capitals fans at Verizon Center.

We’ve had signs Photoshopping him in a crib, and people handing out pacifiers to entire sections of the arena before the game. We’ve had small Crosby stickers placed inside of urinals at the arena that say “I’m Thirsty.” It would not be hyperbole to say that there might be more “CROSBY SUCKS” Capitals jerseys in circulation than there are for, say, Dmitry Orlov.

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So when the Penguins visited DC on Wednesday for RIVALRY NIGHT (a.k.a. the night you love to hate), it was another opportunity for more anti-Crosby fan art. And as you can see, one Capitals loyalist decided to go the political route, welcoming both the Penguins captain and, by proxy, the president-elect to the nation’s capital.

Because when you’re famous, they let you do anything. Like Grab’em By The Crosby. (That’s why guys like Nicklas Backstrom don’t get holding penalties when they play Crosby. They’re famous!)

So, in summary: Make Mocking Your Most Hated Rival Great Again …


Thanks to Erik R., a Flyers fan who had to tip his cap to the Caps for this Crosby riff.

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