Canadians fail to raise American flag after USA world junior win (Video)

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Team USA was victorious in its IIHF U20 World Junior Hockey Championship Tournament game against host Canada, 3-1, on Saturday night in Toronto. The Americans carried play, and won their group emphatically with a 4-0-0 record.

To the victor goes the chance to have their opponents stand on the blue line in stunned disappointment as the winners’ flag is raised and their anthem is played.

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The anthem was played. But a wire malfunction kept the Stars and Stripes at ice level.

That was actually Canada’s best dangle of the day.

Please, no one tell Trump about this.

The flag-handlers made a good recovery as the cameras desperately scanned the emptying crowd for anything to focus on that wasn’t two people getting tangled in the American flag like a cat in a sleeping bag. But luckily, everything got under control, and the U.S. was properly saluted for its victory.

Were this any other sport, we imagine the ESPN shout shows would be demanding a full apology and an Congressional inquiry into how the American flag wasn’t raised to the rafters after a preliminary-round win, but we imagine junior hockey isn’t exactly on the docket for PTI.

Now, in fairness to the host city, it’s not like they’re all that experienced with raising banners in Toronto …

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