Canadian farmer uses own Zamboni to clear snowy road (Photos)


Desperate times call for desperate measures. When the snowy roads in one man’s neighborhood became too poor to drive on, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

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The British Columbia man, a local farmer, didn’t break out a shovel or a snowblower. He took it one step further and hopped on his used Zamboni to clear the road. The idea didn’t last very long as he was soon pulled over by a police officer and escorted back to his home.

The only problem with using the Zamboni was that it didn’t clear the entirety of snow layers on the road, leaving just enough on the bottom that things could have gotten (d)icey if temperatures dropped.

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This appears to be video of the clearing attempt:

“I think his intentions were good, I think he was trying to make a difference,” Central Saanich Sgt. Paul Brailey told the Times Colonist.

UPDATE: The driver, 32-year-old Marko Kardum, told his side of things on Tuesday to the Times Colonist. He said that he was trying to help his aunt get out her driveway. “We had that heavy snow last night so we wanted to see if the Zamboni would a better job. So we took it out and we got it up to my aunt’s house and back and that’s when we got pulled over.”

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