Bye week observations from a Miami Dolphins fan

Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins

Hello readers! Not much to do but catch up on chores around the house and not have to focus on keeping that three hour window free on Sunday. This all comes thanks to the fact that this was the bye week for our beloved Miami Dolphins.

I did spend some time watching various games on my Sunday Ticket. Some I enjoyed and some…not so much. I also had time to think about the Dolphins situation at this point in their season and what promise this season might still hold for both the team and us, the fans!


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First let’s go to some observations.

I know most Dolphins fans will agree with me on this one. I am sick and tired of Tom Brady and the Patriots. It actually pains me to watch them anymore. I find myself hoping for bad things to happen and that’s not really the person that I am. If the past few years can be summed up in one two-minute stretch of the Bills/Patriots match it happened for sure just before the half. Dan Carpenter lines up for a 51-yard field goal and the ball hits the upright and bounces out.

Just about 90 seconds or so later, of course the Pats drove to within field goal range just before halftime. Gostkowski’s attempt hit the upright and went through. Why? Because it’s the Patriots, that’s why. It’s sickening. I found myself agreeing with Rex — something that doesn’t often happen — in his postgame press conference when he declared that it’s not realistic to think the Patriots can be caught. Oh, how I long for the days of Scott Zolak and the Pats getting blown out at Joe Robbie Stadium….

The Jets are awful. Really, they are not good. Revis Island? It’s a vacation paradise now. If I’m Adam Gase, I’m game planning to have DeVante Parker run all over him. Revis’ physical skills have deteriorated and he simply cannot keep up and I’m convinced he cannot stay with a big receiver.

I believe if the Dolphins get the match-up of Parker versus Revis it could be a big week for #11. Revis was lit up several times in the first half by Brown receiver Terrelle Pryor. Revis even appeared lost at times. For whatever reason the Browns didn’t continue to exploit the Pryor versus Revis match-up further in the second half. Simply keep your foot on the opponent’s throat until the final whistle. That’s why the Browns are 0-8.

As for the Dolphins… Really Ross? Giving away another home game next season? Really Goodell? Don’t you have any other teams that need to play in London. I’ve seen a few writers that claim the Dolphins have a great fan presence in London. I hear they have a pretty good one in South Florida too.

Let’s just leave our home games there, where they belong. By the way, I attended last year’s debacle in Wembley. It was a Dolphins home game and Jets fans horribly outnumbered the Dolphins fans. The only good thing that came from that game was that Philbin was fired by the time my plane landed in Newark.

The Dolphins also made some roster moves and I like that they’ve signed defense after the retirement of Arian Foster — see my recent article and tweets suggesting it’s time to end the Foster experiment – fortunately he took proactive steps. They have enough talent at running back.

Oh, and getting back to the next Pats match-up — yes, I know it’s not until week 17 — but if I’m the coaches, I’m thinking that they should be working on getting Jakeem Grant coming out of the backfield being covered by a linebacker. Based on what I saw in the Bills game, the Patriots don’t have an answer for that and I’m pretty sure that there are no linebackers anywhere that can keep up with him. Exploit weaknesses. It works for the Patriots, might as well use it against them.

There you have it. I’ll be back later this week with a little preview of Jets week. Have a great week friends!

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