Bucs QB Freeman still holds No. 1 spot

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TAMPA, Fla. -- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will carry three quarterbacks this season -- Josh Freeman, Mike Glennon and Dan Orlovsky -- and nothing is likely to change that order.
"I think Josh has done everything that (meets) my expectations so far," coach Greg Schiano said when asked if Glennon could unseat Freeman. "So I don't see that being the way things are playing out. I don't see that being the case."
Freeman did nothing to change that perception in Thursday's 44-16 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.
He was sacked to end a three-and-out series on the first try of the preseason, then drove the Bucs to a field goal before putting on a ball cap. According to Schiano, Freeman had no way to avoid the sack.
"Well, there was nowhere to go with it, so he can try to run but there was nowhere to run with it either," Schiano said. "Sometimes you're going to get sacked. I thought the play he extended on the third down was really vintage Josh. That's what he does well; he keeps his eyes down the field. I thought he was solid. We didn't have a chance to be spectacular but he was solid."
Glennon, the third-round pick from North Carolina State, had a splashier debut.
It began when he stood tall in a collapsing pocket at the Bucs' 6-yard line before flicking his first NFL pass to wide open tight end Tom Crabtree for a 61-yard gain.
Playing into the second half, Glennon completed 11 of 23 passes for 169 yards with no touchdowns and one interception.
"He did a good job for his first outing," Schiano said. "He had a quote, he said 'I thought my first play might be a safety.' It got a little dicey there, but that's one thing Mike does well -- he keeps his cool and he was able to find Tom, so I think he did a good job running the operation."
The Bucs did not play Orlovsky, opting to take their first look at Adam Weber, a practice squad player a year ago whose first two passes were intercepted Thursday.
"Well first thing, we plan on keeping three quarterbacks," Schiano said. "You never know what can unfold, but that's the plan. Obviously Dan Orlovsky is our third quarterback."
The growing trend is for teams to carry two quarterbacks on their 53-man roster. But given that Glennon is a rookie at No. 2, Orlovsky will provide a safety net should something happen to Freeman.
"I thought that we need to continue to work on all of the finer details that go along with playing quarterback in the pass game," Schiano said. "There's just so much that NFL defenses do that college defenses don't. Mike is only going to get more comfortable. The thing that you can't teach is that composure. I'm thrilled the way that he handled it."
Glennon had help. Receiver Kevin Ogletree, a free agent from the Cowboys, led all receivers Thursday with five catches for 63 yards.
"He made some plays. (There's) still a lot to learn in our system and the expectations we have for effort every play and all those things. But, you can see he's got ability and that's why we went out and got him and he did the things we thought he could do."

--Team correspondents for The Sports Xchange contributed material for this story.

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