Is the Browns Quarterback competition over?

Matthew Suhadolnik
Chuck Mills 2016 Predictions: Browns
Chuck Mills 2016 Predictions: Browns

Has a Cleveland Browns quarterback already won the starting quarterback job? If so what will happen with the other quarterbacks on the roster?

Mary Cay Cabot of believes that the odds of Robert Griffin III starting week one are “very very high”. Cabot went on to say that the Browns brass are “all in” on RGIII and that he will not have that short of a leash once he is named the starter. You can check out the rest of what Mary Cay Cabot had to say in her interview here.

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This should not come as a shock to many Browns fans as the quarterback job has been Griffin III’s job to lose since he signed here in Cleveland. Coach Hue Jackson seems to truly believe that he will be able to help Griffin III regain his 2012 form.

Since the former Heisman winner has been in Cleveland he has been the center of attention during camp. Some reports have come out to suggest Griffin III is struggling and lacking “wow moments“, while others say that Griffin III has looked great. Cabot does not side with either of those reports in her interview. Cabot believes that this has more to do with the coaching staff believing that they can get the most out of RGIII with the skillset he brings to the table, and less to do with what he is capable of doing or not doing right now.


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So what happens now to the other quarterbacks on the roster? Rookie quarterback Cody Kessler is likely unaffected by this move if it actually is true, but Josh McCown not so much. McCown could be used as trade bait for a quarterback needy team or the team might just flat out release the respected veteran. Hopefully the Browns choose neither of those options and elect to keep McCown around to help mentor Kessler. This would be contingent on McCown being willing to accept the back up role behind Griffin III, but as long as he is game, the Browns could not ask for a better guy to back up RG3. Kessler needs a steady mentor to show him the ropes, and even though Griffin III has reportedly been humbled by his past experience in Washington, it does not mean he will be willing to help teach someone the ropes that could eventually take his job. Keeping McCown would also allow Kessler to get a full year on the bench to develop, which has not happened much in Cleveland with young quarterbacks.

The case to keep McCown in Cleveland got a little stronger today after the team decided to release Connor Shaw. The Browns are now down to four quarterbacks on their roster Griffin III, McCown, Kessler, and Austin Davis.

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