Would Broncos have chance against the Patriots in Divisional Round?

Alex Hoegler

This game again.

Last week, I questioned as to whether or not the Denver Broncos would have been able to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the wild card round, had they been the number six seed.

Here was the unpopular conclusion I came to:

“The Steelers defense is also much better than it was last season, and Trevor Siemian is not what 2015 Brock Osweiler was and he’s no 39-year-old Peyton Manning.

Though it’s anyone’s game in the playoffs, it’s tough to see how the Broncos would go into Pittsburgh and win. The Steelers exposed this defense at home last season, and there’s no reason to believe they wouldn’t do it again.”

Well, the Steelers offense wasn’t at its greatest. Remember, a big portion of their points came against a pair of Matt Moore fumbles. Miami’s defense was fourth-last in the NFL this season – and star cornerback Byron Maxwell was injured.

Given how off Pittsburgh’s offense was at times, perhaps the Broncos would have actually beaten the Steelers. So let’s imagine they travel to New England this Sunday to take on the Patriots.

Now, does this team have a chance?

We all remember that Week 15 stinker against the Patriots. The Broncos held New England to 16 points (10 of them set up beautifully off Denver turnovers), but Trevor Siemian only managed to lead his team to three.

But the Broncos have posted very good defensive efforts in their last three games against the Patriots. Yes, all three came at home – but there’s no denying they’re set up perfectly to keeping the Tom Brady-led offense in check.

Then again, the Broncos offense would have to do something. Hard to see them doing enough in New England after doing almost nothing in the Mile high City.

But that defense has given Denver a chance every game since Wade Phillips took over defensive coordinating in 2015. Defense wins championships, and Denver (though it would be tough), could have escaped Foxborough with a surprise victory.

We will never know the truth, though.



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