Brian McGrattan, Jay Rosehill throw many punches in U.K. league (Video)


While their roles and jobs have been marginalized in the North America, enforcers like Brian McGrattan and Jay Rosehill have found homes in the Elite Ice Hockey League over in the U.K.

They’re treated like cult heroes, and unlike in the NHL, there are still players in the EIHL that are looking for a fight.

With that, here’s a spirited affair between Rosehill of the Braehead Clan and ‘Big Ern’ of the Nottingham Panthers from Sunday. Please note that while both appear to be in costume, only Rosehill is wearing a Halloween sweater. (Thanks, ads on jerseys.)

Here’s a second look:

If this fight looks familiar, it’s because McGrattan and Rosehill also employed the “throw as many punches as you can even if the other guy is wearing a visor” technique in the NHL while with the Nashville Predators and Toronto Maple Leafs respectively:

Now, seeing a McGrattan fight in 2016 is no doubt a divisive sight. Few can forget the knockout he suffered while playing for the San Diego Gulls against Daniel Maggio of the San Antonio Rampage. He defiantly said the incident would not change the way he approached his job: “When I lose like that, that doesn’t change anything for me. That’s not going to change the way I approach going to the rink, change how I’m going to play.”

Clearly it hasn’t.

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