Brent Musburger poorly handles discussion about Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon

*** UPDATE: Tuesday, 3:44 ET ***

ESPN issued a statement regarding Musburger’s comments during Monday night’s Allstate Sugar Bowl.


ESPN play-by-play announcer Brent Musburger during the first quarter of the Allstate Sugar Bowl between Oklahoma and Auburn decided to opine on Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon, who punched a woman in the face in 2014.

In 2014, Joe Mixon allegedly assaulted a woman in a sandwich shop. (Getty)
In 2014, Joe Mixon allegedly assaulted a woman in a sandwich shop. (Getty)

Musburger didn’t really mention the details of the incident — though the video can be viewed here — and instead heaped praise on Mixon and hoped he ultimately had a good NFL career.


“He’s just one of the best, and let’s hope, given a second chance by Bob Stoops and Oklahoma, let’s hope this young man makes the most of his chance and goes on to have a career in the National Football League,” Musberger said.

Mixon, 20, accepted an “Alford Plea,” which is a guilty plea where a defendant in a criminal case does not admit to the criminal act and asserts innocence, to the misdemeanor charge of acts resulting in gross injury/outraging public decency. The assault left the victim Amelia Monitor with several broken bones in her face.

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The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled in December that the video showing Mixon punching Molitor should be available to the public. Once it was made public, the backlash was swift and loud. Many thought Mixon should be suspended for the Sugar Bowl. Mixon was suspended the entirety of the 2014 season following the incident.

Mixon also issued an apology after two of the three claims in the lawsuit against him were dismissed.

During the first half of the Sugar Bowl, Mixon had 10 carries for 45 yards and a touchdown and three catches for 73 yards. However, every time he touched the ball, fans at the Sugar Bowl booed. At the end of the first half, Auburn fans started chanting, “He hits women” during Mixon’s final carry.

In the second half Musburger vehemently defended his comments.

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