A Brazilian soccer team found a brilliant way to use its jersey numbers as ads

Dan Gartland
Sports Illustrated

American sports fans freak out every time a league raises the possibility of putting ads on jerseys. Meanwhile, in Brazil’s fourth-tier soccer league, a team has found a way to advertise on every conceivable inch of jersey space.

Fluminense de Feira’s jerseys are covered all over in ads, because that’s what a team in the lower leagues has to do to pay the bills. Just when it looked like the club had maxed out on revenue opportunities, it announced on Wednesday that it found a way to turn the uniform numbers into advertisements.

Beginning with Wednesday’s game, the numbers are being used to illustrate the price of products at a local super market. This one, for example, tells fans that shaving cream costs R$20.38.

Others advertise the low, low price of pizza and shampoo.

No. 14’s jersey says something is a “great value.”

The team’s marketing director said the move was necessary because the league doesn’t give enough support to smaller teams. Hopefully it brings in enough money to give him a raise, because he definitely deserves it after this creative idea.

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