Boykin Arrested, Kaepernick to Seattle? and More Seahawks Notes 3/27/17

Lee Vowell

This is the time of year when National Football League fans deal with a bit of what is real, but is not, and a lot of nonsense, yet could happen. A few of these are important to Seattle Seahawks followers. Here are a few for Monday, along with some links to read more.

The Seahawks have signed free agent depth at positions of need this offseason, such as linebacker and safety. However, Seattle still has unknown depth behind quarterback Russell Wilson. Today news broke that backup quarterback Trevone Boykin was arrested in Dallas for two misdemeanors, public intoxication and possession of marijuana.

Boykin went undrafted out of college, maybe only solely for his assault charge in December of 2015 for striking a police officer. This most recent arrest will bring up the same question asked about Boykin after his senior year of college: is he mature enough to handle being an NFL quarterback? Another question might be asked as well: will the Seahawks think about drafting a quarterback to take his place this year? Or possibly, are those Colin Kaepernick-to-Seattle rumors going to possibly come true?


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To the first question, Boykin may or may not be able to handle the stress of being an NFL quarterback. Whether Seattle wants to risk anther season in finding out is another issue. The Seahawks obviously think Boykin can produce at some level or he would not have been on the roster. Seattle nearly had to find out how well Boykin would have done had he been thrust into the starter’s role in 2016. Wilson suffered several injuries last season and managed to play through them all. Does Seattle want to risk the same issue in 2017?

To the second question, Seattle may be more likely to sign a veteran free agent than try to groom another rookie to be the backup.

Lastly, Kaepernick probably will not be playing in Seattle. One can assume he still wants more money than Seattle wants to pay him. Yet, Michael Bennett and Richard Sherman have both stated their support for Kaepernick’s willingness to express his opinion and not be shamed for it. (Seahawks 247’s Derek Lewis has more on that here.) Seattle might be more accepting of Kaepernick than many other cities. Plus, Kaepernick is not a bad player and would fit Seattle’s system fairly well.

News around the N.F.L.

The Oakland Raiders are going to be moving, y’all! League owners voted 31-1 in favor of allowing the Raiders to move to Las Vegas, Nevada. The Miami Dolphins were the only nay vote because they seriously seriously hate the Raiders (actually, the Dolphins said they voted nay because they want local fans to be happy). The Raiders may not be moving until 2020, however, as that is expected to be the year their new stadium would open in Las Vegas. They will share the stadium with UNLV.

Other notable words

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times writes that the Seahawks are still looking to add free agents at some key spots.

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