Blizzard wins $8.6 million lawsuit against Overwatch cheat maker

Botting may make your Tracer more vicious, but it's still not allowed (Blizzard)
Botting may make your Tracer more vicious, but it’s still not allowed (Blizzard)

Cheating never pays off. And, as it turns out, neither does enabling others to cheat.

Blizzard Entertainment has won a copyright infringement case against Bossland, creator of hacks for a number of Blizzard titles, including Overwatch, as the BBC reports. A California court =has awarded Blizzard $8.6 million for 42,818 counts of copyright infringement. The ruling also bars Bossland from selling their wares on U.S. soil.

Representatives from Bossland did not appear in court to argue in their defense.

Previously, courts in Germany and the United Kingdom had ruled similarly, banning the cheat programs from sale in those countries. Bossland is still able to do business in a variety of other regions, however.

“The Bossland hacks destroy the integrity of the Blizzard games, thereby alienating and frustrating legitimate players and diverting revenue from Blizzard to defendants,” Blizzard argued in their case.

The team behind Bossland plans to appeal the case.

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