Big Ten schools' payoff from TV projected at $25.7 million

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The Southeast Conference can claim bragging rights to college football supremacy, but it still has a way to go before it can come close to the Big Ten when it comes to generating revenue from television.
Big Ten schools are expected to receive a record payout -- $25.7 million to each school -- from the conference this year, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Of that $25.7 million, $19 million will come from television revenue.
Last year, each school received $24.6 million, with $8.1 million coming from the Big Ten Network. This year the network's contribution dips to $7.6 million because of additional money paid to Nebraska, which is in its second year in the conference.
Each school also will receive $10.9 million from the conference's deal with ABC and ESPN.
USA Today projects the SEC Network, which will launch in fall of 2014, will lead to payoffs of more than $30 million for each school once the network is running.

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