Best smelling salt reactions in the NHL this season

Mitch Marner after taking a big whiff of the salts.
Mitch Marner after taking a big whiff of the salts.

There are a lot of great rookies in the NHL this season, but none are more electric than Mitch Marner.

The scrawny Maple Leafs freshman leads all rookies in assists, is third in points, makes ridiculous plays on a nightly basis, wears flashy suits and even belted out Bon Jovi on the bench that one time.

He’s also pushing — or being pushed by his hockey dad, Matt Martin — to be the ultimate smelling salts guy.

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Marner doesn’t simply sniff the pungent alcohol and ammonia capsules that Kyle Palmieri once described simply as smelling like s***, he devours them.

Here’s Marner going to town on the smelling salts Tuesday night against the Red Wings:

Then there was this deep drag from a few weeks ago.

And here he is going in for an aggressive whiff in preseason.

Although Marner has been a prolific consumer early in his career, he has a lot to learn before being crowned the NHL’s ultimate salts-smeller.

Here’s how the rest of the field has fared this season.

Pat Maroon

Marner is a natural, but he has nothing on the showmanship of Edmonton’s Pat Maroon.

This right here is perhaps the greatest smelling salts reaction of all time.

Adding a Ric Flair ‘woo!’ to the end is always a nice touch, too.

Tyler Seguin

Tyler Seguin seems like the kind of guy who consumes smelling salts like it’s a cup of coffee, so it’s not surprising to see his name among the league’s elite.

Alex Ovechkin

Alex Ovechkin is the NHL’s poster boy for smelling salts. His tolerance must be through the roof at this point.

He’s also a team player.

(Russian Machine Never Breaks)
(Russian Machine Never Breaks)

Pierre-Edouard Bellemare

When you don’t get tons of ice time like Flyers grinder Pierre-Edouard Bellemare, smelling salts are even more imperative.

He gets bonus marks for taking a leadership role and forcing it on his teammates.

Nail Yakupov

Nail Yakupov isn’t much of an NHL player, but he’s most definitely a world class smelling salts guy. Only the best triple dip with such ferocity.

Auston Matthews

Great pace and focus from the young Leafs phenom here. Martin’s lessons are definitely paying off.

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Connor McDavid: Great player, terrible smelling salts guy.

Steven Stamkos

Steven Stamkos is that guy who tries to play it cool after taking a warm shot of vodka.

Jack Eichel

Speaking of warm vodka, Jack Eichel is more of a chaser guy.

Devin Shore and Patrik Nemeth

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