Bengals OC Gruden interviews for Cardinals' coaching job

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Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden interviewed for the Arizona Cardinals' head-coaching job Thursday and might be doing the same next week with the Philadelphia Eagles.
Gruden, 45, said he and his agent, Bob LaMonte, are also talking with other teams besides the Cardinals and Eagles who are trying to fill vacancies.
"They just want to hear your philosophy about things, and you give it to them," Gruden told reporters after his interview with the Cardinals. "They want to see your personality, what kind of passion you have, and all those good things.
"Whatever coach they bring in here to sit up in this chair, they're going to say the same things. It's their job just to pick which one they think can do that the best. ... But to even be thought of as a head-coach candidate is a great honor, and I appreciate the Bidwills taking a chance."
Gruden, the brother of former NFL coach John Gruden, said he passed up opportunities last yer to interview for coaching jobs because he wanted to focus on being the Bengals' offensive coordinator.
"I didn't want to jump ship after the first phone call," Gruden said.

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