Bengals CB Jones not happy with fine

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Cincinnati Bengals Cornerback Adam Jones said on Friday that he does not think he should have been fined $15,000 this week for a horse-collar tackle last Sunday against the Washington Redskins.
He was also fined $75,000 before the season from an incident at a bar that took place during last year's lockout.
But Jones does not think he will win an appeal, but he will try.
"Adam Jones has never won an appeal with the NFL," he said.
Jones said defensive backs cannot be as hands-on in pass coverage now that the referee lockout is over because the replacement officials were more liberal at letting defenses get away with more.
"I just tried to do my job," he said. "The refs are going to make the call they're going to make, so why worry about it? But (the settlement) is good for the league."
Jones was clearly not happy about the fine.
"If you look at the film, like you should look at it, it's clear that I had the jersey," he said. "I could see if it's a late hit. No way a guy gets $10,000 for a late hit and I get $15,000. It's ridiculous. If I hit somebody late, it should be more than a horse-collar for a first offense."
Not only does Jones believe he will lose the appeal, he said he will not change the way he plays.
"I'm going to be physical," he said. "I'm not going to stop playing hard because I get fined every week. My goal is to play hard, play smart, play fast. If I get fined within those lines, it is what it is."

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