Benches clearing brawl caught on security camera (Video)

When hockey fights start near the benches, it’s usually trouble. Sometimes you’ll have a hero hopping onto the ice in an effort to get involved. Sometimes the benches can’t help but get involved as someone on the ice provokes them.

This security camera footage of a benches-clearing brawl from last week has a little bit of option A. It’s a fight that practically demands one of the benches should empty to even the sides. And it’s utter chaos:

Really nice of that one goalie to basically pick daisies in the outfield while everyone else is getting punched in the face.

The fight dies down about two minutes into the clip, but then is sparked again at center ice at around the 2:30 mark.

We really hope these guys tipped their refs after the game …

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There’s no sound, but really, it just would have been screams and expletives in Russian. (That’s where we assume the uploader is from and, hence, where the video originated. But if you have more info, hit us at

In true hockey fashion, everyone returned to their benches and it was probably ‘Game On’ about a minute later.

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