Benches clear between Giants and Dodgers, but Clayton Kershaw has other plans

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If you think Clayton Kershaw isn’t the type of guy to find himself in the middle of a silly baseball fight, you were proven right on Wednesday.

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The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants were in one of those benches-clearing situations in the third inning after Johnny Cueto and Yasmani Grandal were yapping back and forth. The whole ordeal started in the first, when Cueto had words for Grandal when he was on second base. Cueto then threw one near Grandal’s head in the third.

The jawing continued after the inning ended, but what Clayton Kershaw did was the best part. Here’s a video from Dodgers blogger Chad Moriyama that sums up the entire back-and-forth. But watch for Kershaw at the end:

Yes, did you see Kershaw not caring at all about any of those shenanigans on the field, then walking right through it all, back to the pitcher’s mound? Here’s an image that tells the story well:

Doesn’t care. At all.

That’s a man who has some juice. He has no patience of silly spats between teams. He has no interest in a baseball “brawl” where people just stand around, shout and maybe lightly push each other. And he knows nobody is going to mess with him when he walks through the middle of it all. He just wants to get back to what he’s doing: pitch.

The world needs more Clayton Kershaws, man.

Benches cleared between the Giants and Dodgers on Wednesday. (AP)
Benches cleared between the Giants and Dodgers on Wednesday. (AP)

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