Belichick: Bake sale could pay for cameras

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The SportsXchange

Bill Belichick might not show it, but players and those close to him insist the New England Patriots' stoic head coach possesses a humorous side.
He was all business at Tuesday's AFC coaches breakfast at the owners meetings in Orlando when a reporter asked about the health of Rob Gronkowski.
"Did you seriously ask me that?" he panned.
But when the subject matter shifted to his proposal to add cameras throughout stadiums to give officials additional vantage points to access for replay review purposes, Belichick beat back any idea that the plan would be dismissed because of cost concerns.
"We just spent, whatever it was, how many millions of dollars on the replay system," Belichick said Tuesday morning. "I mean, there's a thousand cameras in every stadium, so that if somebody spills a beer on somebody, we have it on record, right? Maybe we could have a bakes sale. Raise some money for the cameras. Do a car wash."
Belichick and the Patriots made multiple proposals to be voted on this week, including raising the height of the goalposts or moving point-after touchdown tries to the 25-yard line to make placement kicks more challenging.
NFL owners voted to approve one proposal regarding review Tuesday, allowing on-field officials communication with the NFL office.
The other proposals are likely to be heard Wednesday.