Bears the odds-on favorite to land Tony Romo

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: the Chicago Bears have no clear answer at quarterback. They have no starting-caliber player on the roster. They’re also picking high in a year with a fairly weak draft class. Mitch Trubisky is the only player that would be good value at #3, but he may be gone when the Bears pick. One thing that they could do is find a veteran stopgap and develop a second or third-round pick. According to sports betting website Sports Insights, Chicago is the favorite to land one of the biggest stopgaps out there.

Sports Insights tweeted the betting odds regarding where Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will end up next year. The Bears received the highest odds with +200. While what happens to Romo is a mystery, it’s interesting that Chicago is the odds-on favorite.


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For those who weren’t aware for some reason, Romo injured his back in the preseason. He lost his starting job to rookie Dak Prescott, who led the ‘Boys to a 14-2 record. Romo was relegated to being a backup, which leads us to the scenario we’re in now. The four-time Pro Bowler believes that he still has a spring in his step, and that he can start at an NFL level. Given his résumé, he is a fairly attractive option for any team that needs a starting quarterback for one or two years.

The Bears don’t have a set long-term starter at QB at the moment, so Romo is definitely worth a look. They can easily sign (or trade for) him while drafting someone like Patrick Mahomes on Day 2. In following this strategy, they can also improve their defense with their first-round pick. Even if the Bears choose not to sign Tony Romo, a stopgap quarterback isn’t a bad idea. General manager Ryan Pace isn’t one to reach for positional need, so this would be true to what he believes in. This approach to the quarterback spot could end up benefitting Chicago in the long run.

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