Bears' O-line, Marshall in for another big test vs. Ravens

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LAKE FOREST, Ill.-- Following Sunday's loss to Detroit, Chicago Bears coach Marc Trestman expressed criticism of the way both the offensive and defensive lines played. The O-line, in particular, got hit for its poor run blocking.
Now the line's chance to redeem itself comes against a defense that boasts Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil coming off the edge.
"On the edges, you know - last week, we faced a disruptive group inside (Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley), not that the outside wasn't, because I thought the ends played very well last week, as well," Trestman said.
"But certainly on the outside, their (Baltimore's) sack totals together are as high as any in the league, and those two guys inside are run stoppers, they're big, strong, inside guys - those three guys. As I said, it's very impressive to watch their defense, not only how physical they are, but the structure and you can see the coaching behind it, the technique and fundamentals of how their corners play and how physical they are, and the back end, how they read. It's a good group, as good as we've faced."
In another battle on offense, wide receiver Brandon Marshall can be credited with a drop on Wednesday that may be the best thing he could do under the circumstances, which include another battle on the horizon.
A war of words between the Detroit Lions and Marshall continued several days following the 21-19 Detroit win, but Marshall finally decided to let it go on Wednesday. Marshall initially had said he didn't like the Lions and likened them to kid brothers.
"They swept us. It happens in the National Football League. That's what happens when two good football teams come together," he said.
"It's going to come down to the last drive. Nine times out of 10 it does. They got more balls thrown their way and they came down with them. And I'm saying that figuratively. As far as my comments, it is what it is. I love the rivalry. It reminds me of ... I won't go there, but it's a cool game, and I look forward to seeing them in the playoffs."
Marshall expects to be involved in a tough battle against Baltimore cornerback Lardarius Webb this week based on the past.
"Webb is a guy that I had an opportunity to play against my last year in Denver and he pretty much dominated me," Marshall said. "I wasn't prepared. Look on a piece paper and you see that he's a fairly small guy (5-10) compared to other guys around the league.
"But he's probably one of the strongest corners that I've ever faced. And right before he got injured, he was probably the No. 2 corner (in football) right behind Darrelle Revis. He was playing at a really high level and now you're starting to see him as the season goes really get back to that form. He's a difficult opponent and I have a lot of respect for the guy."
Marshall had four catches for 24 yards against Baltimore and Webb in 2009, then had five catches for 30 yards the following year against Baltimore while with Miami.
Webb has been suffering from a groin injury which could be a factor Sunday.