In or Out: Bears final roster takes shape

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As of this writing the Bears have three more cuts to make before the deadline for rosters to be at 75 players on Tuesday at 3 p.m. CST. However, the final 53 is very much taking shape and while it won't be Saturday until its finalized it's never too early to look at who will be in and who will be out.

In case you missed it, yesterday evening Steven Schweickert and I predicted the final 53 roster. You can view our predictions right here in the comments but they don't differ from each other too much.

The fact is, is that with three preseason games and training camp in the books it isn't too difficult to know who will be making the final roster. Especially with players like Jordan Palmer and Jordan Senn getting their pink slips, the roster now has a lot more clarity.

There are still a few bottom-end spots up for grabs and those positions will be under the spotlight on Thursday night. Which players are on the bubble and will likely come down to the final few cuts?

Last WR - Michael Spurlock vs. Santonio Holmes: Holmes has only been on the Bears for nine days but his exclusion from my final roster caused one of the strongest debates last night. I maintain that Holmes is expendable because the Bears seem committed (so far) to keeping Wilson on the active roster and Holmes would basically be a rent-a-WR for half a season and Spurlock offers 16 games of four-way special teams contribution and has more recent experience as a returner.

Third QB - David Fales: While its highly unlikely that the Bears will keep three QBs, it's something they haven't done in recent years but if the Bears brass doesn't think Fales would clear waivers and make the practice squad then they might make a sacrifice somewhere else on the roster and keep Fales. Again, this is unlikely unless he is lights out against the Browns' scrubs on Thursday.

Last DE - Corneiius Washington vs. David Bass vs. Austen Lane: Lane, despite not seeming to make much of an impact in the preseason, appears to be very much in the mix. Washington has been getting chances late the preseason and has made some plays and has some special teams value. Bass showed promise as a rookie and it seems like he has deserved enough of a chance to continue his development on the bottom of the roster. This should be a tight race and an interesting one to keep an eye on.

Final LB - DeDe Lattimore vs. Jerry Franklin vs. Khaseem Greene vs. Christian Jones: It could be as many as three of these guys or just two are kept, but the final couple of guys need to be key special teams contributors and be able to be called upon on defense if need be.

Fourth CB - Kelvin Hayden vs. Isaiah Frey: Perhaps the second-biggest debate from last night was this one. Frey and Hayden's cap numbers differ by a seemingly-insignificant $75,000, they both are solid if unspectacular. Frey offers more youth but was inconsistent last season. Hayden offers more in terms of bringing along rookie Kyle Fuller.

Who do you think will be out in these battles? Which final spot will you be watching that maybe I didn't mention?

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