Baylor and Dana Jacobson paid tribute to Craig Sager in a unique way

The last time Baylor made it to the Sweet 16, Craig Sager was on the sidelines doing interviews with the players. In that 2014 interview, the players celebrated by messing up his hair.

Sager died last December, but the Bears kept up their hair tradition on Sunday night when they beat USC to punch a ticket to the Sweet Sixteen once again.

“Last time we went to the Sweet 16, we had Craig Sager and we did a tribute for him. So, we’re going to do the same thing for you,” head coach Scott Drew told sideline reporter Dana Jacobson before all the players simultaneously went for her hair.

“That’s just awesome,” Ernie Johnson said as the camera cut back to the TNT in-studio crew. “We miss our buddy. That’s just good for the soul. That’s just tremendous and Scott Drew is just such good people. That’s really cool.”

Sager’s presence has been felt in other ways during this NCAA tournament. As a Northwestern alum and former Willie the Wildcat, TBS paid tribute to him during the school’s first-ever tournament game on Thursday.

Take a look at the original clip. That’ll put a smile on your face.

Jacobson wasn’t upset about the fluffy hair, she was happy to be a part of celebrating Sager’s memory.

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