Bankruptcy forces monitors out of Dodger Stadium

Tim Brown
Yahoo! Sports

LOS ANGELES – Moments after the Los Angeles Dodgers filed for bankruptcy Monday morning, the team notified Major League Baseball’s in-house monitors – Tom Schieffer and John Allen – that they no longer had the authority to oversee the club’s day-to-day business operations.

As a result, neither Schieffer nor Allen reported to Dodger Stadium.

Rather than challenge the Dodgers, baseball officials advised Schieffer and Allen to wait until the outcome of Tuesday’s bankruptcy hearing before returning. Instead, both attended to Dodgers business from the offices of MLB’s Los Angeles-based law firm.

Citing deep concerns for the financial well-being of the Dodgers, commissioner Bud Selig took control of the team in April and appointed Schieffer as monitor. Allen joined him three weeks later.

It is unclear if Selig would continue to have monitors in place during the bankruptcy period.

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