Avery Falls for a Guy -- Literally -- on 'Dog With a Blog' [Exclusive Video]


Aw, young love. It's sweet, it's fun, and it's incredibly awkward -- as this exclusive sneak peek of Sunday night's "Dog With a Blog" proves.

Avery (G. Hannelius) is big-time crushing on a guy named Dustin (Noah Harden), and her superpopular big brother Tyler (Blake Michael) -- whom Dustin idolizes -- is willing to help her out.

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Avery looks anxious when Dustin rings the doorbell, but Nikki (Denyse Tontz) -- Avery's friend and Tyler's ex-crush -- gives her some womanly words of wisdom: "You keep him waiting for a few seconds, and then make a big entrance."

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Big entrance is right. In an attempt to make a graceful approach, Avery tumbles down the steps -- twice! At least Dustin seems really impressed that she didn't cry. Score one for Avery.

Wonder what Stan the dog will have to say about it all.

"Avery's First Crush" airs Sunday, 5/12 at 8 PM on the Disney Channel.

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