'Avengers 2' Quicksilver Will Differ from 'X-Men' Version

Avengers 2
Avengers 2

We've already seen Fox's take on Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past. But don't expect many similarities between that version of Pietro Maximoff and the one that will appear in Marvel's upcoming Avengers sequel, Age of Ultron. During a recent interview with IGN, Marvel exec Kevin Feige said the two "may as well be two completely different characters."

"We are very much playing up two things that [Days of Future Past doesn't] play with: one is his relationship with his twin sister, Wanda; the other is his backstory as an Eastern European child of a war-torn country. And we follow him throughout the whole movie — him and Wanda — as it relates to their feelings about the Avengers and how that shifts and changes over the course of the movie," Feige said. "So it's a very different thing than coming out from one unbelievably awesome showcase sequence of the movie, and much more interwoven throughout the entire movie."

The studio doesn't plan to change much in terms of the visual effects used to display Quicksilver's powers, however. Feige added, "There may be some things that look [like they did in Days of Future Past], because he runs really fast, and time slows down if you want to be in his perspective while he's running fast."

Aaron Taylor-Johnson will portray Quicksilver in Age of Ultron, which is scheduled to hit theaters May 1, 2015. He will be joined by Elizabeth Olsen and James Spader, who will portray Scarlet Witch and Ultron, respectively.

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