Auston Matthews enters Ken Bone Zone for Halloween (Photo)

Instagram: auston_matthews

No, the mustachioed man in the picture above is not someone attempting to catfish you online.

It’s none other than Toronto Maple Leafs wunderkind Auston Matthews dressing as the now-infamous Ken Bone for the team’s Halloween party. Matthews posted the picture to his Instagram account on Sunday evening.

Bone came into the national spotlight when he asked a question during the second presidential debate. Paying tribute to that moment, Matthews is accompanied by teammate Peter Holland as Donald Trump and a lady friend as Hillary Clinton.

Here’s the real Ken Bone for reference:


Full marks to Matthews for keeping up with his home country’s national election while making his NHL debut. How many people he has to explain who he is to at the party remains to be seen.

Since it’s a team party, it’s completely possible that others would assume he’s dressed up as, you know, the love child of Buffalo Sabres GM Tim Murray and Edmonton Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli…


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