Aubrey “Cornbread” Knight is Jamaal Wilkes

Erik Woods, staff
California Preps

This is part one of a two-part feature by Erik Woods

Who is Aubrey Knight, why do I mention her with an all time great, like Jamaal Wilkes?

Both of these fine folks grew up across the street from me, both dope, both have the heart of a champion. I used to talk with Ventura High Cougar J-Wilkes, who won rings for the GSW and the Lake Show with Magic. I love Jamaal, friends call him "Silk", his childhood friends call him spider legs cuz he was...long.

J-Smooth was that 6-6 cool cat because he's so kind, and he could play play in the 60's, 70's, 80's.

Get to know 6-1 Aubrey Knight. She lights up any room she's in with her mellow personality, yet she's a fierce player. Aubrey is subdued off the the court, but completely overpowering on the court.


How dope a guard is A-Knight?

She lifted her Ventura high school squad on her shoulders to reach the CIF Southern Section State Finals because her game is tight and her determination considerable.

Let Aubrey speak on it, "I'm a product of my parents, Nancy and Roger. They shaped me to know that I need to play with the team, always think of the team." That's Aubrey, always thinking of others.

The reader must know this girl can jump, like my guy James Ennis from the Memphis Grizz:


Photo by Dave Keefer

Aubrey has bounce like James, her hand is all up at that rim. #believe.

Aubrey started out playing volleyball, "When I was younger I did many sports. I really love volleyball but I picked basketball to focus on now."

Who trained Aubrey growing up? My guy, George Albanez, love that guy. G-Albanez helped train Dominic Ingerson to be a McDonald’s All American and he used to train Phoenix Suns Tyson Chandler to be his best in high school.

George dropped knowledge on Aubrey and it shows. Playing for the 805 AAU team kindled love for hoops for Aubrey.

Aubrey says, "I'll always treasure having played for George and also [Ventura HS coach] Ann Larson. They pushed me to be my best but they made basketball fun."


I appreciate that Aubrey is a humble, sweet, caring person. She's spiritual as she says, "Without God, I wouldn't be where I am today. I'll always be a sister to Allia, I'll always be that girl from Ventura who just likes to ball."

Just like Jamaal Wilkes, Aubrey is humble, yet awesome. I grew up with Eric "the body rocker" Turner, a Ventura High Alum like Aubrey.

Turner was the number 2 overall pick in the NFL pick in 1990:

My dude Eric Turner dunked on me so hard in 1986, I can still feel him. The people that loved Eric, we used to call him "ET the body rocker." We all miss ET, he passed away so young, but was a brother to many.


That's how hard Aubrey goes, like Eric did.


Aubrey carries on the Cougar tradition. #Believe

In part two we'll have more on Aubrey, including what the "Cornbread" connection is with Jamaal Wilkes.


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