Atlético de Madrid Vs Real Madrid (1-0): Initial impressions

Daniel Girela
SB Nation

Real Madrid lose the chance of winning six titles in a single season against Atlético de Madrid.

Unlike in the first game, Simeone adopted a more aggresive stance. Atlético's pressure was really intense and it made it really hard for Real Madrid to develop their possessions. Their long balls to Mandzukic and Raúl García always created trouble and were the main source for their attackers, just like in their early goal. Real Madrid's gameplay was quite predictable, and only James was creative enough to break Atlético's defense. In fact, he took part in all of Real Madrid's goal chances in the first half.

In the second half, Ronaldo took Kroos's spot. Obviously, Real Madrid lost control of the ball and their attacks started to get chaotic, though a few chances arrived. Isco and Marcelo entered the field later, substituting Coentrao and James, but neither of them made Real Madrid's game improve.

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