Assistant football coach produces the worst mug shot of all time

Cameron Smith
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Darien assistant football coach Christian Garnett clearly lost his fight with police — Norwalk Police
Darien assistant football coach Christian Garnett clearly lost his fight with police — Norwalk Police

Coaches are supposed to set an example for their players, but one Connecticut assistant prep football coach picked the wrong avenue in which to stand out.

As reported by the Norwalk Hour, Darien High (Darien, Conn.) assistant football coach Christian Garnett was arrested in Norwalk very early Thursday morning and was charged with operation while under the influence, possession of drug paraphernalia, interfering with an officer and assault on a peace officer.

The charges are bad enough, but the mug shot you see at the right is among the most gruesome Prep Rally has come across.

Evidently in the course of attempting to fight a police entourage Garnett earned himself quite a shiner. Here's how detailed reporting from the Hour described that particular encounter:

[Officer Michelle] McSally tried to place him under arrest, and Garnett, who is 6-feet-2 and weighs 240 pounds, kicked her, police said. He continued resisting and flinging his arms and was punched twice in the face by one officer, according to police.

Garnett had to be Tasered twice before officers could subdue him, police said. He was taken via ambulance to Norwak Hospital to be treated for the injuries he sustained while struggling with police, according to police. Although he was handcuffed to a bed at the hospital, Garnett’s unruly behavior continued, police said.

Garnett's tried to kick a camera out of the hands of an officer who was trying to document the assistant high school football coach’s injuries, police said. He also repeatedly called one officer a child, according to police. A doctor said he would have to administer sedatives to Garnett if his unruly behavior continued, and Garnett agreed to calm down, police said.

Still, he harassed a group of male nurses, telling them, "You must be a real Tommy tough nuts," according to police.

Clearly, Garnett is a charmer. He also may not be an assistant coach at Darien for very long, based on one particularly wild night. It's worth noting that he was pulled over because one of the rear wheels on his Jeep Cherokee fell off his car. Not that the tire was flat; it completely fell off.

With that, we're willing to declare Christian Garnett the winner (or perhaps loser) of the first annual "worst OUI or DUI by a high school coach" award. Congratulations, Christian. And our condolences.

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