Anthony Steen success could solve Miami Dolphins long term problem at guard

Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins

A career guard and having played zero career snaps in the NFL, Anthony Steen is not someone many believed they would have to know for the Miami Dolphins first game. However, following the loss of Mike Pouncey to a hip injury for the remainder of the preseason and potentially week one, Steen has become the starting center for Miami.


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While this situation did concern me at first, something was brought to my attention in a previous articles comments that have changed my perception of this scenario. Rather than looking at this as a massive disaster for the offensive line, this could be a blessing in disguise for Miami.

During his first three years at the University of Florida, Mike Pouncey played the guard position. Playing that position all the way from high school through that junior year in college, Pouncey was taken aback a bit his senior season when he was moved to center. Struggling with snaps most of the year, Pouncey would improve and become a good NFL center with the Dolphins.

However, his natural position is still that of a guard which is arguably the Miami Dolphins weakest position on their entire roster. If Anthony Steen plays well during the next two preseason games and potentially into the game at Seattle, Steen could become the every week starter at center.

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Such a move would allow for Mike Pouncey to return to his natural guard position upon his return to the team. Add into the scenario Laremy Tunsil at the other guard spot and the Miami Dolphins may have addressed their position of need — a position that has struggled the last four years — in one single offseason.

That situation requires a lot to happen unfortunately. Again, Anthony Steen is a career guard and has never played a single down in the NFL. He was a member of the Arizona Cardinals practice squad last season and was unlikely to have a major role on the Dolphins roster until the injury of Mike Pouncey.

I know, that is a lot to ask for, but it is possible no matter how much of a longshot it really is. However, if the Miami Dolphins can find a way to pull it off, they will definetly have found a way to finally strengthen their offensive line as a whole.

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