Another incident for Ezekiel Elliott

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

If Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is indeed bracing for a suspension from the league, he may not be handling the stress very well.

According to 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, Elliott was involved in a Sunday night incident at Clutch Bar in Dallas.

No arrests have been made, and few details regarding the incident or Elliott’s specific role in it have been disclosed.

With the NFL apparently trying to finally figure out how to deal with the domestic violence allegations against Elliott that have been pending for nearly a year, this news can’t help his cause. Mike Fisher of 105.3 The Fan, citing an unnamed source, reports that the league will look at the “accumulative nature of Zeke’e behavior,” which means that Elliott could be suspended not for any one thing but for being involved in several of them, from the domestic violence allegations to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade misbehavior to whatever occurred last night.

Pre-Ray Rice, that was the primary focus of the Personal Conduct Policy: First-time offenders got a pass, and players who continued to find the fringes of trouble eventually got punished. That’s where Elliott could now be, with whatever it is that did or didn’t happen at Clutch Bar on Sunday night becoming a potential factor.

Or, possibly, he could be suspended for whatever he’s already allegedly done, with further punishment arising from whatever he allegedly or actually did on Sunday night. Regardless of how it plays out, Elliott likely has squandered whatever benefit of the doubt he may have enjoyed at 345 Park Avenue.

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