Andre Roberson's teammates roast his tipping tact after his $30 million deal

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Thunder wing <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nba/players/5196/" data-ylk="slk:Andre Roberson">Andre Roberson</a> takes a break. (AP)
Thunder wing Andre Roberson takes a break. (AP)

After coming to terms on a three-year, $30 million contract to remain with the Oklahoma City Thunder, All-Defensive Second Team wing Andre Roberson must’ve felt like celebrating with an adult beverage or whatever it is that costs $487.13 per bottle at a bar. The fun was apparently only just getting started.

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The morning after Roberson agreed to his new deal, a server put Roberson on blast for tipping $13.97, or less than 3 percent, posting a photo of the bill and some choice words to his Twitter account:

Roberson responded on Twitter, suggesting the server was lucky to get a tip at all, since he apparently only handed the 25-year-old Thunder role player a bottle over the bar. “There was no service,” he said.

From there, the conversation turned to an argument among service industry experts and basketball fans about the tact of tipping 3 percent on a bottle at the bar versus calling someone out for it.

The conversation really should’ve focused on the fact Roberson left $13.97 on a $487.13 tab, and somehow thought those two numbers added up to an even $500. It’s actually $501.10, so he missed on the dollars and cents. (Insert joke about Roberson’s subpar shooting percentages here.) Or the fact that the server publicly declared, “Your trash,” instead of, “You’re trash,” so unless he was also taking issue with Roberson leaving behind his trash, then what’s really trash here is the grammar.

At any rate, TMZ took up the story, reporting Chupacabra Cantina in Austin, Texas, as the scene of the latest NBA tipping fiasco (see: James, LeBron), and vodka as the drink of choice. “We’re told Fly Dre and his crew seemed to be having a great time” while “downing vodka Red Bulls, vodka sodas and Long Islands.” So, don’t blame Roberson for taking four hours to respond to the server’s tweet, OK?

Naturally, OKC teammates Steven Adams and Enes Kanter had fun with Roberson when he reached out to the ‘Stache Bros later in the day on Twitter, responding, “We just out here tipping more than $13.”

In other “Andre Roberson just signed a $30 million contract” news, former Thunder teammate Kevin Durant congratulated him and Dion Waiters (who got his own new deal) in a comment on his recently launched YouTube page, which seems like the Finals MVP’s preferred mode of communication now.

Kevin Durant gives the best backhanded compliments. (YouTube)
Kevin Durant gives the best backhanded compliments. (YouTube)

I do not pretend to know what Durant’s relationship with Roberson is, but if someone left OKC to win a title in Golden State, while I earned All-Defensive honors for the Thunder in his absence and probably signed for less than my market value to stay in OKC, I wouldn’t be psyched about someone saying, “Should I take full credit for Fly Dre getting paid? Probably not, but I will anyway. You’re welcome dre.”

It’s safe to say Durant probably shouldn’t expect to be paid for his services to Roberson.

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