Anderson Silva & Chris Weidman look towards Dec. 28 rematch

Elias Cepeda

Long time UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva looks back at his shocking KO loss to Chris Weidman this past summer and sees only "basic mistakes" that led to his defeat.

"My mistakes in that fight, and that’s the first time I’m saying this, were basic mistakes," Silva recently told Sportv, according to Brazilian reporter Guilherme Cruz.

"I did everything I had to do except hit him. I didn’t counterattack. When I stopped with my feet parallel, I should have hit him and walked one step behind. I didn’t do that. I saw my mistakes and I’m working on that to train for this next fight."

Of course, before Silva got knocked out on his feet in the second round by Weidman, he got dominated in the first round because of his opponent's take downs and top-game Jiu Jitsu. If "The Spider" is fortunate enough to get Weidman in a stand-up fight when they rematch Dec. 28 at UFC 168, he says he'll make quick work of the new champion.

"It’s going to be a tough fight," he said, "and it won’t last too long if it stays standing."

For his part, Weidman is still acting the part of a hungry challenger.

"I wish I could sit back and relax and I feel like I’ve accomplished my goal, but I gotta win this next fight bad," Weidman explained.

"Every fight just feels like it's the life changer, feels like the most important fight of your life, and we're still there. This next fight is huge for me, I gotta win."

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