Aly Raisman wants you to know something about her parents

RIO DE JANEIRO — Aly Raisman stood tall with a gold medal hanging from her neck and acknowledged that, her parents, Lynn and Rick, have become, albeit in an unusual way, nearly as famous as she has.

For two Olympics now, NBC has trained its cameras on the couple as they sit in the stands and watch their daughter perform. That included Tuesday’s historic gold medal performance by the United States in team gymnastics.

Video after each round of competition has routinely gone viral. If nothing else, it allows Raisman to get a glimpse of her parents, since the gymnasts are kept in a form of family isolation.

“The only time I see them is, like, that video that is literally everywhere,” Raisman said.

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The video of the Raismans living and dying with each of Aly’s twists, flips and maneuvers is comical, if you find a parent dying of sporting panic funny. You can find similar reactions in stands from gymnastics to hockey to basketball to anything else, parents too panicked to watch. The Raismans’ struggle to maintain composure, cover their eyes, contort their body and basically attempt to will Aly to a good performance.

What makes it particularly amusing is that Raisman is so solid and consistent – for years now she’s been one of the finest gymnasts in the world. If there was ever a kid you didn’t have to worry about, it’s her. Sympathy pours in, though. The Raismans’ mental state, however, has become a bigger topic than Aly’s, and she’s the one who has to actually compete.

“More people are texting me about my parents than me,” the Needham, Massachusetts, native said with a laugh.

There was one thing Raisman wanted to get out there about her dad. Some online commenters have made fun of Rick’s propensity to wear the exact same USA Olympic golf shirt to every meet. And, indeed, he has. He first wore the red shirt at the 2012 Olympics and that’s now all he wears to meets.

That’s the point.

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“I make my dad wear that same shirt he wore in London because it’s good luck,” Raisman said. “So I saw a couple people commenting he is wearing the same [shirt]. He wears that shirt but that is because of me.”

So Rick does have a full wardrobe. And soon enough – although not after Raisman competes in Thursday’s all around and next Tuesday’s floor individual meet – they’ll be able to chill.

After two Olympics, the 22-year-old is expected to retire. The videos, however, will live on forever.