Allen Iverson loves Braves new field, but don't ask him about parking

The Atlanta Braves may struggle on the field in this year, but at least they’ll look good out there. SunTrust Park will make its debut this year, and considering the state of the team, could be the main draw for fans in 2017.

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Because of that, the Braves are doing everything they can to promote their new digs. They’ve even brought in an NBA superstar to deliver the message. Former Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson stars in a new spot in which he holds a news conference to talk about the new park. Things predictably go awry when he’s asked about one particular aspect of the stadium.

Yeah, we probably should have seen this one coming. Allen Iverson has no interest in talking about parking.

If you’re somehow unaware, this is a riff on Iverson’s infamous “we’re talking about practice” news conference from when he was with the 76ers. It’s one of the most popular sports rants of all-time, so we’re guessing you’ve probably seen it before.

But just in case you need a reminder:

Overall, we think the whole thing is pretty enjoyable. Iverson sells it well, too. But if we may offer a gripe, it is a little dismissive of a situation that fans may be concerned about. They get around that a bit by having Iverson mention there are “14,000 spaces,” and they do provide a link to the parking area of the team’s website, so they aren’t completely ignoring the issue.

The Braves will have a new stadium in 2017. (AP)
The Braves will have a new stadium in 2017. (AP)

We’ll know soon enough whether Iverson’s dismissal of the parking situation is justified. The Braves are set to play their home opener at SunTrust Park on April 14. If fans have trouble getting situated before the game, the Braves will definitely be talking about parking in the coming weeks.

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